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Do NOT Sign Authorization to Release Medical Records after Tampa Car Accident

Any Tampa car accident attorney will tell you that signing an authorization giving permission to an auto insurance company to obtain your medical records is virtually never a good idea. If you are in an auto accident in Tampa in which you've suffered injuries you can receive up to $10,000 in medical benefits through Personal Injury Insurance or PIP. You receive these benefits regardless of who is at fault for the car accident and your injuries. That is why we are referred to as a No-Fault state.

An auto insurance company has no business at this point in the process in obtaining your past medical records. At best, they will make an attempt to say that your injuries are not the result of the Tampa car accident but pre-existing regardless of how long it has been since you've needed treatment for those injuries. At worst, they will request records from ALL your medical providers, many of which may be very private. Why should an auto insurance company be able to obtain medical records from your cardiologist or obstetrician /gynecologist? This invasion of your privacy makes no sense and may be intimidating enough for some people that they don't seek the treatment that they need.

Tampa injury attorneys will tell you that you have no obligation to sign an authorization for release of medical records at the beginning of your injury claim and likely at any point in the process. As someone injured in a Tampa car accident, you do have an obligation to cooperate with your own car insurance company, but that cooperation does not include a medical release form.

When Tampa auto injury clients come to our law firm after signing a medical release authorization, the very first thing we do is revoke the authorization. Unfortunately, many insurance companies anticipate this possibility and so immediately use the release and their vast databases to contact all the medical providers that you either give to them or they find on their own. Sometimes, armed with this extensive information, the insurance company may be less likely to resolve a Tampa car accident injury claim fairly.

If you're in a Tampa auto accident, consider contacting an injury law firm to understand what you should and shouldn't do. Without realizing it, you may give up certain rights and protections that may harm your case and you if your payments for your medical care are cut off. We are a Tampa injury law firm available to provide free consultations.

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